Municipal Snow Clearing

The Municipality attempts to have all roadways cleared of snow within the time periods specified by the Ontario Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards. For more information on minimum maintenance standards consult the Ministry of Transportation.

From time to time equipment malfunctions may prevent this objective from being met.

If you have a concern that a road or sidewalk may have been missed please contact the Public Works Department at 807-727-2597 or by email via


Private Snow Removal

Residents and Contractors are not allowed to deposit snow on Municipal roadways, sidewalks, road allowances, and areas surrounding fire hydrants when clearing private property. Anyone responsible for improper snow removal or placement can be subject to set fines.

Set Fines

Depositing snow or ice upon Municipal roadway (sidewalk)(bridge) $100
Relocate snow within street allowance to result in obstruction. $100
Deposit snow or ice across a Municipal roadway $100
Damage Municipal Property (sidewalk)(roadway) $400
Deposit snow or ice within 1.5 meters of a fire hydrant $250
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