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Volume 04-22  April 22nd, 2022 (533.4kb)

Building Permit Applications, Tax Due Date, Community Event, Proclamations, Library Hours, Bear Wise, REACH update, Notice of Nomination

Recent Municipal Newsletters

Volume 04-22  March 25th, 2022 (503.9kb)

Emergency Alerts, Emergency Kits, Vulnerable Registration Form, Water Reports, Notice of Nomination, MAT Fund, Fire Permits, Planning Notice

Volume 03-22  March 1st, 2022 (384.1kb)

2022 Capital Projects, Dog Tag Reminder, Planning Notice

Volume 02-22  February 16th, 2022 (281.9kb)

Elections 2022, Call for Board Member, Fire Fighters needed, Interim Tax Due Date, Spring Fitness Classes, Proclamation, Family Day Facilities Closures

Volume 01-22  January 25th, 2022 (565.2kb)

Election Day, No Overnight Parking, Alerts, 2022 Budget, Properties for Sale, CIP, Employment Opportunity, 2022 Licences, EcoSchool

Volume 10-21  December 16th, 2021 (338.5kb)

Holiday Hours, User Fees and Charges, Holiday Curbside Collection, Christmas Tree Curbside Collection, Call for Committee Member, Check Water Usage, Recycling Reminders, Feeding of Wildlife, Waste and Recycling Collection Schedule

Volume 09-21  November 12th, 2021 (490.3kb)

Road Rehabilitation Project, Curbside Collection Reminders, Santa Claus Parade, Seniors Christmas Dinner, Heritage Centre Winter Hours, Proclamations

Volume 08-21  October 13th, 2021 (242.4kb)

Call for Committee Member, No Parking for Snow Removal, Proclamations, Fitness Class, Community Improvement Plan, Heritage Centre News

Volume 07-21  September 9th, 2021 (418.5kb)

Heritage Centre News, Community Event, Planning Notice, Hydrant Flushing, Proclamation, Employment Opportunities, Fall Fitness Classes, Senior Housing Survey

Volume 06-21  August 5th, 2021 (669.7kb)

Emergency Alerts, Emergency Kits, Combustible Station Closed, By-Law Department Tip of the Month, Employment Opportunity, Summer Festival Events

Volume 05-21  June 17th, 2021 (879.3kb)

Status of Municipal Facilities, Road Project, CWSB Work Plan, Proclamations, Yard Maintenance By-Law, Retirement Wishes, Community Clean Up Day, Dog By-Law Amendments, CIP, RFP, Canada Day, Basketball Nets, Emergency Kits, Waste and Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Volume 04-21  April 22nd, 2021 (519.2kb)

COVID-19 update, Employment Opportunity, Notice of 2021 Budget, 2020 Water Reports, Bear Wise, Emergency Alerts, Essential Worker Spotlight

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