Meetings and Municipal Information

Join a Board or Committee
Board and Committee Application Form
Closed Meeting Investigation
For more information about beginning an investigation see our Closed Meeting Investigation page.
Request to be a Delegation or Guest at a Meeting of Council
Request to be a Delegation/Guest Form and Information
Freedom of information Requests
Freedom of Information Request Form. For more information please see our Freedom of Information Page.
Integrity Complaint
For more information about beginning a complaint see our Integrity Complaint Page.


Donation Request
Donation Request Form. For more information on our rules for approving a donation request please refer to the Council Policy - Section 1.5 of the policy manual.


Close a Highway(Street)
Closing of Highway Form. Anyone can apply to close a municipal street using the form provided. The application must be signed and returned to the Operations Supervisor's attention. The form can be dropped off at the municipal office, faxed or emailed to the addresses noted at the top of the form. There may be other advertising requirements associated with the closing of a municipal highway so be sure to apply well in advance of your intended event date.
Water/Sewage Service Form
Water/Sewage Service Form. If you need water/sewage services such as water/sewage curb stop turned on or off; special meter read (ie. property sale); inspections of water/sewer connection or disconnection. The form must be signed and returned to the Municipal Office as noted on the form.
Business License Applications
Home Based Business License Application Form
Itinerant Salesperson License/Special Event Application Form
Renewal Business License Application Form. - To be used if you had a Home Based Business or an Itinerant Salesperson License last year
Food Service Vehicle License Application Form
Renewal Food Service Vehicle Business License Application Form. - To be used if you had a Food Service Vehicle License last year
For more information about Business Licenses please see our Business License Information page.
Marriage License
Marriage License Information and Form. For more information about requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Ontario or civil marriage services see our Marriage Services page.
Request Copy of Marriage Certificate
Request for Marriage Certificate Form. You can also request a copy of your Marriage Certificate online using the Ontario Government self-service forms website. Visit the Ontario Government Online Certificate Application Website.
Emergency Evacuation Registration
The Corporation of the Municipality of Red Lake invites residents who require special assistance to participate in providing valuable information to the Municipality in the event of a Community Emergency. In particular, those that are most vulnerable in an emergency situation: the elderly, disabled, those with special medical requirements, those who live alone, have no local support network or means of transportation, etc. should complete an Emergency Registration Form.
Online Emergency Registration Form, Printable Emergency Registration Form, Paper copies of the Registration Forms are also available at the Municipal Office in Balmertown.
The Clerk's Office maintains a listing of the Emergency Registration Forms. If you completed an Emergency Registration Form within the past two years, you are not required to complete another one, unless your information requires an update.

Tax Deferral to relieve financial hardship
Application for Tax Deferral for Financial Hardship.
Request Refund of Copying Charge
Refund application form.

Other Forms

To request a form be added to this listing contact the Clerk's Department at 807-735-2096.