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Pecuniary Interest Declarations by Members of Council

Listing of recorded declarations for 12 Previous Months Meetings of Council.
Nature of Declaration not disclosed for Closed Meetings.

Declaring Member

Date of Declaration

Nature of Declaration

Declaration for Meeting

Warren Badiuk


Item 13.1 - Member of the Board of Directors for the Red Lake Miners

Council Meeting (2021-11-15)

Councillor Badiuk


On board of the directors of Red Lake Miners

Council Meeting (2021-08-16)

Jamie Kristoff


Member of the Patricia Players whom was named in the letter of the support for the miners

Council Meeting (2021-08-16)

Janet Hager


I am an executive board member of two of the organizations referenced in the request letter regarding alcohol sales at the Cochenour Hall and my organization could benefit financially

Council Meeting (2021-08-16)