Rental Fees

If you are interested in renting the hall and/or kitchen please complete the Rental Application in the Fees By-Law Schedule D - Rental Agreement or contact Michel Labonte at:
phone: (807)727-2089
Red Lake Community Centre
10 Hammell Rd
Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
p: (807)727-2064
f: (807)727-3634
Mail to:
2 Fifth Street, Box 1000,
Balmertown, ON P0V 1C0

Facility Rental Rules

  • All exits must be free from obstruction.

  • All rates and regulations are subject to change.

  • Renters are responsible for:

    • Obtaining a special occasions permit. If required, pick up application from LCBO, fill out and pay permit fee, filling out a rental agreement, filling out Municipal alcohol policy returning to Municipal Office and await approval. Rules of the permit and Municipal Alcohol policy are to be followed. A copy of the permit must be given to the Recreation Supervisor prior to the event.

    • Ensuring capacities as approved. Cochenour Arena Foyer 155, Arena Ice Surface 845, Cochenour Community Hall 204, Red Lake Community Centre Lobby 180, Red Lake Community Centre Squash Court Viewing Area 65. It is the responsibility of the renter to limit occupancy to these prescribed capacities since excess of these amounts is considered dangerous and unlawful.

    • Ensuring that all lights and electrical appliances are turned off and all exits secure before leaving the premises. No smoking allowed in any Municipal facility.

    • Ensuring wall decorations are only put up with tape approved by the Recreation Supervisor or Hall Manager. Staples, nails, tacks, pins or glue are absolutely not permitted.

    • Setting up the function and cleaning up after. The renter may enter the facility for preparation one day prior to the requested date , if the facility has not otherwise been booked. However, the renter understands that the day prior to the requested date(s) is still available for rental.

    • The renter is responsible for collecting drinking cups/glasses, cleaning grounds/facility, following the event and agrees to reimburse the Corporation of the Municipality for any costs incurred as a result of damages and or losses. Outdoor events: the renter must make necessary provisions with local refuse services to remove any additional refuse.

    • The renter is responsible for the understanding of the rental agreement and all regulation in the Municipality’s Alcohol Policy if applicable.

    • Ensure that during the event, the snow is cleared from all entrances to the Cochenour Community Hall.

    • To see that all people admitted to the function have vacated the building promptly at the time specified on the permit and/or contract.

    • The renter shall ensure that all Northwestern Health Unit regulations are adhered to.

    • Ensuring that all Municipal by-laws are adhered to.

  • The Corporation of the Municipality will not be responsible for personal injury, damage/loss or theft of personal property or equipment of applicant or anyone attending the function.

  • The rental agreement is not accepted until it is read, signed and the non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is made. The agreement must be completed 10 days prior to the function to ensure availability of facility and for arrangements to be made. 48-Hour notice is required for a cancellation or applicant will be charged for booked time.

  • All events and activities shall be conducted within the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and will be subject to inspection and approval by the Fire Chief of the Municipality of Red Lake or his/her designate.

  • Final rental fees and charges may be revised as necessary.

  • I hereby acknowledge that in the event that any of the facilities is unavailable for some reason related to equipment breakdown/malfunction, the Municipality of Red Lake may summarily cancel this agreement. I here by release and forever discharge the Municipality of Red Lake from any economic loss or damages suffered by me as a result of the cancellation of this permit for the reasons above.

  • The renter is also responsible to pay for the Hall Monitor’s fees which are as per the Fees By-Law Schedule D - Rental Agreement