Overview of the Red Lake Fire Rescue Service

The Red Lake Fire Rescue Service is a volunteer fire service. The service has a full-time Fire Chief and a full complement of 65 firefighters at five fire stations.


A station is currently maintained in each community. Individual stations have a Captain, firefighters and possibly other officers. For more information on a particular station please see below.

Balmertown Station 1

Captain: Bill McCleary
Training Officer: Marc Pinette
Safety Officer: Brian Kraft
Prevention Officer: Heather Willis
Firefighters: Tim Tessier, Andrew Williamson, Geoff Taylor, Travis Wood, Jonathan Brooks, Tim Vermaak, Christine Goulet, Darren Bullied, Jeff Merkel,

Cochenour Station 2

Captain: John Hager
Safety Officer: Don Coghill
Firefighters: Gary Horne, Myles Perchuk, Dave Frostiak, Robert Partridge, Greg Just Edgar Arce Saenz, Andrew Brown

McKenzie Island Station 3

Safety Officer: Kent Fraser
Prevention Officer: Lisa Battiston
Firefighters: Leigh Moncrief

Red Lake Station 4

Captain: Jim Harmer
Training Officer: Dave Gelderland
Safety Officer: Rob Nylund
Prevention Officers: Ron Demeduk
Auto Extrication Training Officer: Dale Butterfield
Wild Land Fire Training Officer: Clinton Glendinning
Firefighters: Bob Uhrina,  Scott McKean, Beth Sullivan, Claude Daigle, Marshall Dumontier, Jeff Faulds, Nick Harder, Jeff Imrie, Lindsay Pitura, Ryan Seeley, Katherine Polatynski, Tim Szaflik

Madsen Station 5

Emergency Management Program

The Municipality of Red Lake has an Emergency Management Program. For more information you can review the program documentation and by-law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Volunteer?
Interested Individuals can complete an application & will be contacted in the event of an opening.
What is required of a volunteer?
A volunteer firefighter is required to attend regular Fire Department meetings and training dates. They are also required to report their availability to the Fire Chief or Station Captain.
Are there risks involved?
Fighting fires has risks and you will be required to be examined by a doctor and declared fit to serve.
Can a firefighter visit my group/class/staff?
If you would like to promote fire safety at work, school, or in the community please get in contact with the Fire Chief to discuss available options.
How can I get more information about fire safety?
The Red Lake Fire Rescue Service has a volunteer fire prevention officer please contact them for more information about fire safety.
How often should I change the batteries in my fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detector?
Batteries should be changed in spring and fall, as a guide they can be changed when the time changes.
Am I required to have a carbon monoxide detector in my home?
Contact the Fire Chief for more information.

More Questions about our Fire Rescue Service

For more information contact the Fire Chief at 807-727-1290.